My Story

Ladan Ebra profile picThe Story of my Glass Art…

Very early in my artistic career, I was fascinated by the properties and texture of glass. I experimented with painting on mirrors to create Decorative Art. I attended numerous fused and sculpted glass workshops, applying torch and flame techniques in pursuit of an artistic style and personal expression.

My desire to add color and pattern to glass led me on an artistic journey. On that journey, I discovered the nearly forgotten centuries old technique of reverse painting on glass. Originally developed in Venice, reverse painting on glass was brought to Iran during the Safavid Period (1501-1736). Local artisans adopted this craft, applying it to traditional themes. It was during the Qajar period (1785-1925) that reverse painting on glass reached its artistic peak in Iran. Over time though this art form dwindled in popularity around the world.

My Inspiration …

Ladan Ebrahimian
Now this exquisite art form is nearly extinct in the modern world. So, I was overjoyed to discover a museum dedicated to reverse glass painting. I immediately began studying under the inspirational masters in his field.

Today, I am passionately committed to breathing new life into this gloriously evocative ancient art form. Combining traditional and often surprisingly contemporary images and themes, with bold and evocative colors, I hope you will be inspired as well.

 Glass is smooth and cool to the touch yet molded from coarse sand and fire. Glass can elevate the quality of light yet effect the quality sound. Still, glass can be used to enhance or even produce sound. We take glass for granted in our day-to-day lives yet it is all around so.

Art Glass is a miracle: the result of fire applied to sand and infused with color. It is shaped by our hands, sometimes our breath, by the forces of nature, and by the human imagination.

You can think of it as art that is utilitarian, purely artistic, or a combination of both. It is art that can be touched and felt as much as it can be admired from a distance. Art Glass is both an extension of nature as much as it is a creation of humankind.


My Bio…

La Vie En Bleu

  • Ladan Ebrahimian
  • Studied Graphic Design at the Tehran Science and Culture University(SCU), 2003-2007
  • Courses/workshops of Glass Fusion and Glass Sculpting at The Washington Glass School, 2010-2011
  • Official Member of Iran’s Glass Reverse Painters, 2015
  • Stained-Glass Artist
  • Children Art Instructor: Pre-school-Elementary-Middle school